Give the children of Haiti food, shelter, and the gospel.

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Refuge in Haiti

In January 2010, a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, killing 235,000 people and leaving countless children orphaned. Following the disaster, Pastor Remile Casimir and his wife opened their home to adopt many of those orphaned by this disaster.

They provide these children with food, water, shelter, education, clothing, and more. Most of all, they are sharing the gospel and preparing these children to serve the Lord. This ministry has grown so well-known throughout Haiti that both pastors and government officials have enlisted the Casimir's help to take in more children to meet the country's ever-increasing orphan crisis.

This ministry needs your support. Have a part in providing a refuge for these children and the people of Haiti.

Pastor Remile Casimir

In 1988, Pastor Remile Casimir began preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in the country of Haiti. God extraordinarily blessed that great work. In a short period, a large number of individuals had been saved and baptized. Since then, many men in the church have responded to the call to ministry.

Not long before and Pastor Casimir decided to begin a Bible college where he could train those people who had been saved. He would teach them how to preach the gospel and how to pastor churches. After completing many years of training and graduating from college, these men were sent out to be pastors all over Haiti. 

Today, 60 churches have been planted and 40 Christian schools with those churches. Being saved and becoming disciples, they are learning how to become pastors and they are sent out of those churches to start new ones, just like they did out of the church of Antioch in Acts chapter 13.